Products we use, the services we use everyday

Products we use, the services we use everyday

Who am I kidding...I'm kissing the reason we could retire early

She throws dimes around like they are manhole covers

She answers to Angel, Julie and Goodwill Queen

She is a legend among fellow shoppers

Her endorsement of a site is gold

Listen to her

This is in the top 2 of companies we receive packages from. Outstanding quality, we have never had to return anything from this company. They deliver what they promise. Highly recommended. 

39 Dollar Glasses

If you need glasses of any kind this is the place. They are the number one source for online glasses. They have been in business for 10 years...their prices are the best. They also are involved in providing glasses to the needy..they are good citizens. All glasses made in USA.

Buy glasses online now.

Botanic Choice

I cannot think of a more cost effective way to save money. Taking vitamins may keep you from an expensive doctors visit . We have taken them all our should too. You can't beat Botanic Choice for prices...

International Living magazine

For readers who are contemplating moving overseas where your retirement dollar goes much further...I suggest your first move would be to subscribe, I am a paid subsciber, to this monthly magazine.

It contains stories from people actually living overseas and their information is always up to date. This is a must have

Quicken Loans

Refinance with Quicken Loans

We just, February 2010, refinanced our house with Quicken and saved $140 a month on P and I. Quicken is highly recommended. Read how we almost got ripped off by an unethical lender.

Sierra Trading Post

Lots of packages are delivered at our house from this company. great products that are cheap. fantastic customer service.

Save 35-70% on Women's Name Brand Dress Clothes at Sierra Trading Post

This used to be a place to only buy books...not any more you can buy virtually anything form computers to novels. The thing we really enjoy is Amazon standing behind you in case of a problem. Suppliers do not mess with Amazon...this should be a great resource to save you money. Check it out.

Health Insurance

Simply the other site will give you prices without first asking you for your phone number...I hate salespersons to call me at home. We just

identifed savings of $684 per year ourselves. We got 112 policies in 1 minute, with prices, type of coverage, and if our Dr accepted them.

Instant Health Insurance Quotes

PC Connection Express

Recently I purchased an all in one printer from PC Connection Express...I am a big fan of Costco for electronic purchases...however I could not turn down the over 20% savings I got with PC Connection shipping, no sales tax, and a price $20 cheaper adds up to significant savings ...this one is a no-brainer folks.

Dental Insurance

They have coverage for everything related to your teeth. If you can't get to Mexico (where we go), this is something you should take a look at. - Save on Dental Care!

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