Plan for Retirement...means more than money

When we say you should plan for retirement we are not talking only about money. A great fufilling retirement is no is the result of good planning.

If you say I am just going to relax when I may need to give it further thought.

If you rest you rust is not 100% true but you should be retiring to accomplish something...not just getting away from work.

The good news is that the retirement plan you need is not going to be should be fun.

Write out your plan for retirement

We did this 20 years ago, it worked for can for you too.

It was (is) a written list of things we never wanted to do again and things we wanted to accomplish when we retired. The retirement plan we are talking about concerns waht you want to do with the rest of your life.

If money worries are behind you...plan how you can give back, how you can volunteer, how you can be a mentor to a young person, how you can share your knowledge with others...

The rewards of helping others are many and is healthy for you...From Sunday School teachers as an example; I have heard over and over,"I am getting more out of this than the kids are..."

Folks, the baby boomer generation has lots of experiences that we can share with the younger citizens...we can turn this to our advantage by reaping the health benefits, physical and emotional, of helping others.

Need some ideas for your plan?

In no particular order of importance...

  • Learn a second language
  • Visit all the National Parks
  • Write a book
  • Go to cooking school
  • Get involved in Big Brothers, Big Sisters
  • Learn how to use the computer
  • Take classes at the local community college
  • Teach a class at the local communtiy college

How not to enjoy retirement

I once heard a fellow give a newly retired friend some advice..." don't go to the bank and the post office on the same day."

If that is what retirement is all about to you...I would advise updating your will and making "final" arrangements.

Such a retirement plan is not only non-productive it is unhealthy.


Your plan should not consist soley of a stock need to set goals for what you accomplish in retirement and then make those goals a reality.

Plan for retirement

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