Places to Retire in Beautiful Texas

by cherry

Austin Texas

Austin Texas

One of the most convenient and most practical states to retire to is Texas.

The climate is very nice for adults as winters are short and friendly and summers are warm and energizing.

This state is very friendly to people who just want to save on income tax as there is none. Sales tax is also quite low at 6.25%.
Buying a house is more reasonable as they are lower than the average house price in U.S. House prices here can range from $100,000-$ 200,000.

Taxes on real estate properties are also low. Texas includes a few of the 100 best places to retire such as: The Woodlands, The Rio Grande Valley, and Corpus Christi.

There are a variety of cities to retire in Texas such as Austin. This laid back city has small lakes, golf courses, and quaint inns and lodgings. It also has a mixture of a contemporary lifestyle with concerts and the growing music scene keeping the night life alive.

Fredericksburg is at the center of Hill County. It has German architecture which was influenced by the original immigrants. It has quaint places such as antique shops, arts and craft stores, and neighborhood restaurants and delis.

Kerrville has a small and closely knit population of 20,000. The below average crime rate is a definite boost to your peace of mind. Kerrville boasts a high quality of life, best schools and effective, compassionate, and equal health care opportunities.

Lastly, the Gulf coast found along Padre Island and Galveston is heavenly. One can just live right off the beach and savor salty water all year long.

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