Piggy Banks are in style

by Virginia
(Maine, United States)

I’ve always enjoyed doing things differently. Wear my shirts twice to reduce the amount of water I used for laundry, Jeans I’d let go for a week.

When it comes to money, I do something similar. Whenever I have the chance, I normally use cash instead of debit or credit, especially if there is a large amount of change involved. I always tend to keep a piggy bank around somewhere, and it's always fun to find a lost piggy bank to add to a current one.

It's sort of like that "keep the change" thing, except you can watch your saving grow and grow in a tangible sense. I also suggest using charts, if you like to keep track of the actual progress happening right before your eyes. Holidays are the best for this technique.

One year, I kept all the jingly stuff. Whenever I went to buy something, all the cashier would get is paper. No exact change for them! After a few days, I started to notice the large pile of coins accumulating at the bottom of my piggy bank (well, actually it’s a Sailor Moon tin).

So I kept at it, and sure enough by the end of the holiday season, I had saved up thirty five dollars just in change! Which was good, because at that point I had been nearing broke.

Piggy banks are a great way to save up for a toy you’ve been dying to get or even that little bit of extra security money. I suggest them for all ages.

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Jan 09, 2010
Piggy Banks are not just for kids
by: Gary


Thanks for the tip.

We are never too old to use something from our childhood to save money.

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