Our personal eating plan... what we do

We have listed a dozen do's and don'ts about how to remain healthy in order to enjoy your retirement years.

Nothing is more depressing to see someone, that is very close in age to your own, that cannot enjoy his or her retirement because of physical disabilities.

For sure, there are unfortunate medical circumstances, that affect some people... but for most of us our health and what we eat is under our own control.

Our personal eating plan, no magic bullet

okay to eat hotdogs The new products that companies promote to help you lose weight are sometimes ludicrous.

There is a new product that you sprinkle on a hot dog and it will not cause you to gain weight.

Is there no limit to the insulting of our intelligence?

Yet people spend billions looking for the magic bullet, a pill that you can take that will melt pounds away, and allow you to eat anything that you want... including a hot dog sprinkled with a chemical.


Our personal eating plan is common sense

If you think that there is a way to eat all the hot dogs that you want, or ice cream, or double burgers with cheese... and lose weight, you will find yourself victimized by companies that will be glad to take your money.

Some of these diet pills have proved to be downright dangerous, but there seems to be no limit to people who are looking for an easy way out...NEWS FLASH... there is no easy way to stay healthy or else we would not be the most obese nation on the face of the earth.

There never will be a substitute for eating carefully, getting regular exercise, and taking personal charge of your health.

Here is what we have used for over a year

What we use, this program is safe and has proven to be the most popular eating plan on the Internet... we are living proof that by following this plan your weight will stabilize, you will feel better, and know that you are doing the right thing for your family.

Among the things that may shock you, are that certain types of potatoes are fine, nothing wrong with using coconut oil to cook with, what vegetables and fruits to concentrate on, etc... Try it and let us know how you do.

My wife and I have reached our goal weights, of 175 and 122 pounds, and have maintained them for the last several months... including some time spent on cruise ships.

And unexpected benefit for me, since diabetes runs in my family, is a drop in my blood sugar from 100-105...to 80... that is a significant drop and takes a big worry off my mind.

So Click here! and take control of your health.

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