Oregon, a Relaxing Place to Retire

by Richard B.
(Portland, OR, USA)

Portland, OR with Mt. Hood Skyline

Portland, OR with Mt. Hood Skyline

In my opinion, the state of Oregon is the best state to retire in. I think that Oregon is the best place to retire for a variety of reasons.

These range from the scenery, the fresh air, the activities, and the laid back attitude and feel of the general population in Oregon.

Firstly, the scenery in Oregon is amazing. This state has a variety of landscapes and environments that range from mountainous, desert, rivers, forests, beaches, and metropolitan areas.

Oregon provides trails that are ideal for hiking and many national parks that are great for camping, fishing, and hunting. The Pacific Ocean is located along the west coast of Oregon and provides a long line of beaches and small cities along the ocean.

Some of the mountains such as Mt. Hood allow you to experience a snowy yet relaxing atmosphere as well. Most of the area in southern and eastern Oregon have higher temperatures for warmer climate, and include desert areas as well as farming areas.

The state of Oregon also has some of the freshest and cleanest air I have ever experienced. Not only is it extremely abundant in trees, greenery, and plants, it is also one of the most environmentally friendly states in the country.

Another reason that Oregon is a great place to retire is for the laid back attitude of the population here. The drivers are usually never in a rush and there is rarely ever road rage that I experience. The speed limit is not high and the limit is usually never drastically broken. The people are all friendly and never seem to be stressed or in a rush.

In conclusion, I was born in Brooklyn New York and later on moved to Portland, Oregon. I can say that it is a very calm and relaxing place to be. This is why I would say it is the best place to retire. It provides many different activities and places to go, making it exciting, all the while providing a stress free place to live.

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