Online dating safely

Online dating is big business, 2012 total revenues are supposed to exceed $1 billion, and baby boomers are the fastest-growing demographic to try online dating.

The ways to use online dating safely are mostly common sense but you should take a review of the following red flags:

  • Rule number one... Be patient, matchmaking is a marathon not a sprint
  • Rule number two... refer to rule number one

The above advice means keeping your personal profile information close to the vest for as long as possible.

Never divulge financial information... Always err on the side of caution.

Relax and enjoy the process, this should be fun and not stressful.

There never will be a substitute for common sense... Make sure you use yours.

Some do's and don'ts for online dating safely

After reviewing rules one and two over and over... Let's proceed:

  • Make sure the first meeting is in a very public place
  • Make sure you let friends know where you are
  • If at all possible, make the first meeting for lunch or brunch with no alcohol
  • Drive yourself to the first meeting
  • Offer to make the first meeting Dutch treat
  • Realize these common sense rules apply to both sexes

If any of these ideas or concepts seem strange remember there for your own good and safety...

Stick with the big two services

Why reinvent the wheel? and are by far and away the leaders in this field, especially for baby boomers... They did not achieve this market dominance by accident.

So I suggest that you start here and again be as honest as you can when filling out your profile... You are looking for someone that will accept you as you are... Not the person you would like to be or would like to be with.

Online dating safely... Mostly common sense

After you choose between the two industry leaders... Sit back and enjoy yourself... both of these services are very professional and experienced... Follow their guidelines and suggestions and you should suggest an outcome that is both very gratifying and safe as well.

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