New Zealand

by Shari

We are contemplating moving out of the country... we have done a LOT of research and while there are CHEAPER places, we decided on New Zealand for MANY reasons.

The food is MOST expensive, yet planning on living off the grid and growing most our own food, all else was relatively equal; particularly taking into account their dollar vs. U.S.

The largest advantages found were: PEACE - no one hates or attacks them! Few natural catastrophes. And everyone is so NICE!

Additionally, they are the most GREEN nation I've ever encountered, perhaps because they are a "newer country". Having traversed the entire country in our travels, we saw:only ONE bathroom that had paper towels vs. air hand dryers;only ONE restaurant that provided styrofoam "doggie bags" vs. paper wrapping.

Everyplace had divided refuse bins; recyclable and otherwise; New Zealand was very clean and PROUD OF IT! Additionally, their socialized medicine is enticing.

Yet frankly I was most impressed with their candor and speed in which New Zealand justice is dispensed - we heard an entire murder trial from beginning to end within our last 2-week stay.

I still (back in states) listen to NZ radio every day and learn more about the U.S. through them! They call a spade a spade even when it relates to their governing bodies.

Furthermore, the entire country of NZ has a population equal to that of our State of Oregon (4 million); only a quarter of which is on the South (or what they call the Main) Island, where we hope to live for it's very lack of population and land availablity.

AND it's climate in the southern hemisphere is nearly the same as that in Oregon; being on the same longitude in the south that we are in the north - halfway between the equator and nearest "poles".

You can imagine I could go on, but FAR too much more to say about both living off-the-grid and New Zealand. Hope this helps somebody!
Sincerely yours,
Shari Hogan

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