Naming your boat take your timeHow Shadowtime got its name

naming your boat

Boats get their names from several sources... I would encourage you to make your boat name unique.

What do I mean by unique... well one very clever ex dentist...named his boat Molar Mechanic... now that's pretty funny.

A couple from Texas who had an iron boat, a rarity in this day of fiberglass, named their boat " Ironsides"...unique, and boy did they get good radio reception with the grounding but a metal boat offered.

Here is how we did it, adult beverage in hand, we sat down one evening to name the boat. We got some stickys and started rattling off all the cliches...WaveDancer, SeaDream, etc...

We had about 100 names that we thought of before we had a lightbulb moment... we have never regretted naming our boat Shadowtime.

When Julie said we always call our vacation "shadow time", because on vacation we are together 24/7, and in each other's shadow...we had our boat name.

Why naming our boat was so easy

At this time I should warn you that the number one requirement IMHO to enjoy frugal retirement living, is to get along well with your husband or wife.

Did we encounter people that were less than pleasant to be around, sure, but we tended to avoid them or just be by ourselves.

We still enjoy being by ourselves 24 seven after 38 years of marriage...I hope you are as lucky, or perhaps work is hard at being happy, as we are and do.

Naming your boat reflects who you are

Getting along is not restricted to just sailboat living.

The options we have experienced and will tell you about boating; rving; living overseas; relocation; all involve living in small spaces.

Try finding some personal space on a 35 foot sailboat which has curved walls...get the picture...

Same in an RV although the walls are straight (whoopee), or living abroad.

When we travel on vacation, we mostly go by ourselves, not always but most of the time, that way we don't worry about meeting other congenial people on a cruise ship for instance...we always have each other.

It's best to really get along and enjoy each others company.

Enough, you get the picture.

Thanks for reading ...hope you got some ideas

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