My frugal wife

My frugal wife, got a charge out of the Today show recently.

The mainstream media gals were positively giddy when Michelle Obama, our First Lady, pointed out that the dress she was wearing cost only $35.

Along with fighting childhood obesity the First Lady is trying to set a good example for all of us by showing that being fashionable does not necessarily mean breaking the bank.

Although I am not a fan of her husband's politics, it is always a good thing for someone like the First Lady to extol the virtues of saving money.

Waste of any kind is not a good thing especially in today's tough economy.

The first lady's outfit

Here is the dress in question, it is from a Swedish manufacturer ... H and M... Her stylists modified sleeves and added the belt... I guess you can just go so far with this frugality thing.

Now you might be asking yourselves why the First Lady would be promoting a foreign manufacturer when we are losing US jobs to overseas manufacturers.

Same thinking applies when they take vacations overseas...but I am just one vote.

Not withstanding the above, the base price for the dress is $35 and for most folks that's a good deal.

My frugal wife, the reason I did retire early

Giving credit where credit is due, there is no doubt in my mind that Julie is the reason that I was able to retire at age 49.

Her spending habits have never changed, in times of plenty, in times of want, and now in times where the desire to remain retired strong.

Financial planners never mention, frugality and restraint on spending, when selling their investment products from the big financial companies.

My frugal life, is worth more than any financial investment with a huge return.

By not wasting, we spend our money on things that we enjoy doing... Thank you Angel!.

My frugal wife and her one dollar leather coat

Every Thursday, my frugal wife, goes shopping... planning your shopping for one day is a key to saving is a living frugal checklist.

Her first stop, is a Goodwill store, she is there when the doors open at 9 AM... On Thursday this particular Goodwill marks items that have not moved down to one dollar each.

She shops of course, for herself and myself... In addition she buys clothing to donate for a friend of ours who takes regular mission trips to Mexico...

This particular leather coat, has a zip outlining and was custom-made for the previous owner... It does not fit my frugal wife and so it'll be going south to Mexico.

This outfit cost four dollars

Each item you see Julie wearing cost one dollar each... The shoes, the blouse, the vest, and the pants.

Not bad for four dollars...

She not only looks great, I am prejudiced of course, but she has the knowledge that she has beat the system... One dollar per item of clothes is not bad folks.

She serves coffee at our church and regularly gets compliments on her outfits... She loves the look on their face when she tells them where she got the outfit, and how much it cost.

It has become a game for her and it can be a game for you too.


Despite the obvious problem you might have with the First Lady wearing a Swedish outfit... It is a good thing to remind people that living frugal is a good habit to form.

But as you can see, there is frugal, and then there is really frugal...Julie says, "see you at Goodwill".

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