More retirement obstacles...take a look at where you live

Let's examine your dwelling and how it may be effecting your ability to save for retirement.

When I was working, I knew what all of my neighbors did for a living and tended to keep up appearances so that I would be considered a good neighbor.

I don't know, and don't really care, what my neighbors in my retirement community, did for a living... it all seems so irrevelent now...

  • Your location, is functionality or appearance more important
  • Do you have certain items because your neighbor's do as well?
  • Examine maintenance costs, painting, yard maintenance
  • Utility and insurance costs, where can you cut?
  • Is all of your home utilized?
  • Is a gated community for security or appearances?

Now let's take the same parameters from a retirement aspect...

  • You are not concerned with what your neighbors do or did for a living
  • You are not concerned with keeping up with the Joneses
  • A smaller house, boat or RV have less costs of maintaining
  • Ever consider living off the grid?
  • You don't need a formal dining room or personal swimming pool
  • You don't need a gate guard to announce your visitors arrival

Do you see how your house could be another retirement obstacle?

Although some of my neighbors do have swimming pools and/or hot tubs... it is a two minute walk to the recreation center, that has both of these items neither of which I have to check the chemical composition of the water... its done by the community maintenance department.

Are you beginning to realize how the lifestyle you lead when you are working, is totally different than the lifestyle that you will lead when you are retired.

And please don't think that you are going to be reminded of this fact by your financial planner... have you ever met with him or her... with him or her not wearing a business suit... in an expensive office? 

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