Montana, The Last Best Place to Retire

by Wade
(Billings, Montana)

When you’re looking for a great place to retire, there is possibly no better place to search than Montana. Here we have mountains, rivers, snow and sunshine. We have lakes, prairies, cities, and country towns. All with no sales tax, low property taxes and a low cost of living.

Here in Montana you can go to the western half of the state and enjoy the upper reaches of the Rocky Mountains. You can get a nice home at the base of the mountains in one of the towns perched on the edge of the prairie such as Big Timber or Livingston. Or you can set yourself directly in the mountains in a town such as Bozeman, Missoula or Kalispell. Any of these towns will offer you the great amenities of a larger city, but with a small town feel. You are within minutes of hiking the great mountains, or fishing world class rivers.

If the mountains are not your forte, you might head to the eastern part of the state. In cities such as Miles City, Forsyth, Glasgow or Wolf point you will experience rugged country style living like nowhere else in the world. Fort Peck reservoir is within a few hours drive of wherever you are, the Yellowstone River within hours the opposite direction and nothing but prairie, antelope and sage brush in-between. If you want to retire in cowboy country, eastern Montana has what you are looking for.

No matter where you decide to retire in Montana, you will have access to all the great outdoors. You will enjoy true country living as it was intended. But you will also have access to the comforts of the cities if you head to the south central part of the state and retire in Billings, Montana situated on the Yellowstone River. A mere 60 miles from the Beartooth mountains.

Montana is certainly “The Last Best Place.”

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