Money Saving Around The Home

Waste is something that none of us can afford.

Yet the amount of money wasted in the average household every year continues to grow.

Mobile phones and tablets are an increasing culprit: leaving the charger plugged in soaks up almost as much energy as it did while the device was actually charging.

Now that almost everyone in the house has their own mobile, there could easily be three or four disconnected chargers eating their way through your electricity bill right now.

Have you thought about your other electronic devices?

Computers can be wasteful too. Your machine may be switched off, but almost certainly the broadband modem will be flickering away, to say nothing of the wireless hub.

If you use a desktop rather than a laptop, have you left the monitor on standby?

Are the speakers switched off?

The printer may well be using power too. The same is true of your television: many modern TVs use as much energy on standby as they do when you're watching them.

And while we're considering TVs, don't forget your set-top box.

If it's not recording something, unplug it. A regular patrol around the house, especially last thing at night, will make sure that everything's not just turned off, but also unplugged.

That saves you money and may keep you safer as well.

Money saving around the home, other ideas

Most houses nowadays have double glazed windows. They are far more thermally efficient than the old single-glazed type, especially modern A-rated units. But the latest windows are fitted with ventilators called trickle vents.

It's a little-known fact that an A-rated window with an open trickle vent is less thermally efficient than an older unrated type.

So as winter approaches, closing those vents will certainly save you money.

But saving money isn't restricted to cutting your energy bills.

Is it time for a mortgage checkup?

The mortgage that worked so well a few years ago might not be the best deal today.

Fortunately, it's easier than ever before to switch, and doing so may see you hundreds of pounds better off every month.

A conversation with a mortgage expert could be well worth your while.

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