Metabolism and weight loss

Your metabolism is unique to you and and eating plan that may be right for you may not be right for your spouse or your friend.

The first step to an effective eating plan is to test your metabolism...when you join the eating plan that we use and recommend personally Click Here! the first thing you do is take a simple 10 minute written test to check your metabolism.

Then you'll be assured that the eating planned that is recommended for you to lose the most weight in the healthiest manner is custom-made for you.

Metabolism and weight loss...tip number one

The time of day that you eat is very important... you will find that most folks metabolism is at its highest early in the day.

That is why you hear so much, and it's generally true, that make sure that breakfast is a hearty one because that will fuel your entire day.

Eating the evening meal at 10 o'clock may be fine for certain cultures, but I doubt very seriously if it's the optimum for losing weight. 

Metabolism and weight loss... tip number two

Seeing your metabolism and energy level in general is highest in the morning, that's the time to get your regular exercise... the first thing in the morning you have only one excuse not to get up and exercise and that is staying in bed a little longer... it's a very efficient use of your time, you have got your exercise behind you and won't feel guilty the rest of the day.

Metabolism and weight loss...tip number three

The reason we recommend so highly our custom fit eating plan according to our metabolism is that it works... we have maintained our weight, despite going on two cruises... and I do love to eat, is we are better informed about what to eat.

Metabolism and weight loss

Folks there is no magic bullet, there is no magic pill, to losing and maintaining a healthy weight... it's common sense, and there is no shortcuts.

You should be very careful about ingesting any pill that makes outlandish claims about weight loss... the only thing they can guarantee is that it's probably unhealthy and unsafe for you to take it.

So stay away from the miracle and fad diets, and find out the eating plan that is right for you... you'll be glad that you did.

Thanks for reading metabolism and weight loss.

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