Medical care abroad

Medical care not think you are getting substandard care in the following countries...from expat input.

In other words this is boots on the ground information, that you can rely on if you are contemplating overseas retirement.

The seven top countries are, in no particular order:

  • Mexico
  • Ecuador
  • Uruguay
  • France
  • Panama
  • Malaysia
  • Costa Rica

Our personal experience with medical care abroad

We continue to send friends to our Mexican dentist...all are satisfied , pleased with the care and the price.

You can also read about our experience with laser surgery on our eyes in Venezuela...this is the page...we trusted our eyesight to a Venezuelan Dr. in 1996 and have never regretted the decision.

Think about that folks...we are not dumb...the lasik type procedure had not been approved by the FDA in 1996...the clinic where Dr Saurez...who had done ht eprocedure about 8000 times, was crawling with American doctors who came to Venezuela for training.

So they are now trained...would you trust your eyesight to an American who was new to the procedure or Dr Saurez?

I thought so.

Medical care overseas, is not only excellent it is cheap, you have the option of using the national healthcare plans or private healthcare plans... All at a fraction of what you will pay in the United States.

Foreign medical care  versus US healthcare

If you think healthcare is going to improve or cost less with the "affordable healthcare act"... You are deluding yourself.

Remember this quote, " let's pass the bill and then will find out what's in it"...well we are finally getting some admissions from the government that health insurance is going to cost more...DUH.

If you think your wait times to see a doctor are long now... Just wait until the impact of this bill takes effect.

Over and over again, from the ex-pats who contributed to this report, all agree that healthcare overseas is much faster... Appointments far easier to get... And get ready for this... Doctors make house calls in most of the countries that are recommended.

Medical care abroad one example

In the International Living magazine article one couple, one with multiple sclerosis, were paying $1200 a month for healthcare in California... They now pay $88 a month in Costa Rica, and can afford the services of a private full-time nurse.

If that doesn't get your attention I don't know what will.

Thanks for reading medical care abroad

Check here to see if you are overpaying phone number required, takes a minute.

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