The lowest state taxes as a percent of income

The lowest state taxes as a percent of income, when all local and state taxes are added in range from 6.4% in Alaska to 11.8% for New Jersey, the other 48 are somewhere in between.

No one likes to pay taxes, but they are a necessary part of our society if we want a strong military and decent roads.

No one likes to pay taxes that they seem are wasted, but that is another issue entirely.

Taxes should not be the total driver to determine where you live... But here's the info if you want it.

A percent or 2 may or may not be a big deal...your choice of a place to retire will probably be based upon other factors, like where is the nearest grandchild, beach or favorite golf course.

Frugal retirement living will show you how to take advantage of some options you may not have considered for living cheaply wherever you choose to retire.

Taxes are certainly important, but unless you a multi-millionaire, they would not be at the top of the list to determine where I would retire.

If taxes are going to be important in determining a location to retire the most important will probably be income taxes or state sales taxes.

The 10 states with the overall lowest state taxes

Hit'sere is the list of states with taxes as a percentage of income.

  • Alaska 6.4%
  • Nevada 6.6%
  • Wyoming 7.0%
  • Florida 7.4%
  • New Hampshire 7.6%
  • South Dakota 7.9%
  • Tennessee 8.3%
  • Texas 8.4%
  • Louisiana 8.4%
  • Arizona 8.5%

The source of this information is

Note that 6 of the 7 states that do not tax personal income are in the top 10 of the list of lowest state taxes overall.


This information is reported as a resource that you can use, or choose not to use.

Personally unless I was extremely high wealth individual… And I can assure you that I am not… This would be far down on my list of priorities of what to look for in a place to retire.

I have been to Alaska, in September, and froze my buns off so I can just imagine how it must feel in the middle the winter… Not to mention the depression of having so few hours of daylight in the winter.

This is reported for your information...if you can use it fine.

If other things are just as important to you we will examine those as well.

Like climate and recreational activities.

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