Lowest state sales tax

Lowest state sales tax...AlaskaDelawareMontanaNew HampshireOregon are the winners here...they have zero state sales tax.

Lowest state sales tax can be abused

Have you ever noticed how many RVs… Especially the high dollar coaches have Oregon mostly or maybe Montana license plates?

Now the RV industry is very important to the economy of Oregon with many of the major manufacturers having their plants there.

When you are spending $1 million on RV, it is very tempting to think hmmm... How can I get this puppy licensed in Oregon.

If you are a resident of Oregon you don't have a problem just down to your local DMV and register your new toy. However, it seems highly improbable that you see so many RVs with Oregon plates.

Trust me, the California Highway Patrol for instance is on the lookout for RVs with Oregon plates and Arizona plates on the tow car. Play this game at your own risk… Personally I don't think it's worth it.

If you want to get the merchants in Vancouver Washington really excited it's the fact that all the southern Washington resident has to do is go to Oregon for their major purchases.

I think I'd like to have a U-Haul franchise in Portland because of all the new refrigerators and other high dollar appliances that are in them when they cross back into Washington.

Spending our summer in Oregon does have its advantages however

Buying in bulk Is a way of life for my very frugal wife,When we come to Arizona in the fall our RV is stuffed with the nonperishable, or at least long shelf like items, saving 8 to 10% on items that we use every day seems like a no-brainer to us both.

She can become quite creative at times but I remember a particular story over 10 years ago about the purchase of a barbecue grill from Costco.

Now the same grill was available here in Arizona at the same price.

I wasn't too wild about the idea that we purchased the barbecue grill in Oregon prior to heading south.

I admit I was less than enthused, especially after I discovered that I had to take the grill out-of-the-box in order for it to fit underneath the RV.

We still have that barbecue grill… I think she smiles a little every time she passes it by or uses it.

Lowest state sales tax, Used prudently can certainly save you some money.

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