Living in Arizona

Living in Arizona is easy for the authors of

Although we have a formal and informal dining area inside the house... it is very pleasant to take our evening meal outside in the fresh air.

With no humidity and without the bugs choosing Arizona as our retirement location wasn't a very hard decision.

Living in Arizona, advantage number one

The weather, is reason one why so many people retire to Arizona... and also why so many people have second winter homes here in Arizona.

Full-time Arizona residents such as ourselves refer to our partial year visitors as "snowbirds"...and who can blame them would you rather yield a six iron or a snowblower?

Also note on the picture above, that in our particular 9200 home community... Sun City Grand, does not allow grass... just plants and crushed rock... except on our lush golf courses you will not hear the sound of a lawnmower.

Living in Arizona, advantage number two

This site is not called frugal retirement living, just because it's a catchy phrase... you get great value for your housing dollar with Arizona real estate.

I am happy to report that the housing market in Arizona has apparently bottomed out and home values are gradually rising.

In Mesa Arizona another Phoenix suburb they are experiencing a new home construction boom that reminds me of our first couple of years in our community.

Bank foreclosures are dropping and the overall Arizona real estate market appears to be stabilizing.

When you combine great weather, inexpensive real estate prices with the many outdoor activities Arizona offers it is no wonder that Arizona is a very popular retirement destination.

There are currently 421 golf courses in the state of Arizona, and the current turf conditions are the best we've seen for several years.

For the nongolfers, there is tennis and Pickleball if you have not heard what pickleball is all about... I am sure you will soon it is growing in popularity throughout the United States.

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