Living Frugal Lifestyle

There are many ways to have a living frugal lifestyle and still living well. You must make sure that we have the basics covered.

When you are living judiciously it is very easy to miss or neglect an area that is vital to your existence.

Sometimes you get so focused on watching your spending you flat overlook something that is important.

Fortunately in all cases there are ways to address each basic in a living frugal manner. You just need to make sure you eliminate waste.

 Living frugal lifestyle, the basics

Fortunately, it is not a long list to cover the basics.

Those basics of the living frugal lifestyle are:

  • Health 
  • Food
  • Health Insurance
  • Shelter
  • Clothing

Let's take a look at these one at a time


Without good health it is going to be hard to enjoy retirement to the fullest, in money or things we do. Here's more on health issues.

Retiring does not mean the couch. Regular exercise is vital to maintaining your health. Fortunately you can do this while having a living frugal lifestyle.

A daily walk is pretty cheap and has other benefits besides our health. You may have  a pet who needs to go out, take a walk with him or her afterwards. It is also a great way to communicate with your spouse. The more social will stop and visit... careful you need to keep moving to get the cardio benefit of exercise.

Take charge of your medical costs. When the doctor says we have to run some tests, ask how much they cost.

Case in point, you have to watch your cholesterol. You don't have to have your blood drawn at the doctor's office. He or she will send it to a lab and you will pay for that handling and reading.

Instead go have your blood tested by an independent lab (could be the one your doctor uses), you pay the lab directly, much cheaper than you would pay the doctor. In our area the labs come to local grocery stores, they may have an office. A total blood profile costs $35 done this way.

There is another benefit...the results come directly to you. You can keep track yourself...without the expense of a doctor's visit.


We all know the basics... shop the perimeter of the grocery store. What is in the middle is processed and does not need is expensive and not good for you.

No fast food is a no brainer. When you are living frugal you should have 95% of your meals at home. You will eat better and cheaper.

How do I know you will spend less when you eat at home? Because you are following the tips given in the easiest ways to save money, frequent shopper cards, shop on one day only, reasearch and plan.

For some truly good tips and information, this is free and intensive, Get these resources now.

Health Insurance

I hate insurance of any must have it however, just don't waste your money when you buy it..

If you have retired to Mexico you have this covered... $300 a year buys a policy that takes care of most medical expenses.

I used to pay $300 a month in the US. We had a $10,000 a year deductible policy that kicks in when you go to the hospital. Now I am on Medicare Advantage.

Without this catastrophic coverage you could be wiped out by a disease or operation. Here is the key.

Don't pay any more than you have to for this insurance coverage. I just discovered a $57 per month saving on my own policy.

Here is what we have done for this necessary should too.


You know what is coming...look at sailboat living, fulltime RVing, park model living or movong overseas to drastically lower costs in this area.


If you don't know where the nearest Goodwill is located...find out and go.

You can find great clothes at super prices. My very frugal bride buys new clothes for a dollar on Thursday which is dollar day. Check it out because you are smart.

Garage sales can also be a great way to pick up clothing bargains.


These are things you must have, but you must spend wisely. And do not neglect the biggest and most important health insurance

Living frugal is a lifestyle and it covers the basics in the cheapest way can you. Enjoy.

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