Living cheaply and well in a park model community

Living cheaply and well...would you be interested in a country club lifestyle for not much money?

Champagne living on a beer budget is very possible in a park model community. 

The residents of these communities get the giggles when people call Park model communities "trailer parks"...It is like saying filet mignon is only meat. 

With more activities on a daily basis then you'll find on most cruise ships, planning the day is the biggest challenge residents of these fun filled communities have. 

Our friends that have a park model in Mesa Arizona now spend as much time in Mesa as they do in their beautiful custom home on 5 acres in Sunriver Oregon. 

The activities keep them going and make them look forward to leaving Oregon in the winter months.

I will be willing to bet you, there is not a financial planner anywhere that has recommended living cheaply and well in a park model community in Mesa Arizona.

If this secret gets out...well let's just say, it will get just a bit more crowded in the winter time down here.

All of this is doable living cheaply in luxury in Arizona, Florida, California...any place with park model communities.

These can be seasonal homes or year round residences...your choice, they are so affordable two residences in retirement is possible.

A new 1056 square foot home for less than $80,000?

You can buy a used park model for $15,000 furnished. New paint and carpet and you are set.

If you want a new home with a 1000 square feet, the home on the left can be yours for less than $80,000.

Try and duplicate this value in a regular stick built home...but there is more.

This home is located in a Arizona retirement community considered to be first class in amenties and bang for your housing buck.

It is age restricted, over 55, and has great security as well.

With over 300 days of sunshine. Arizona has much to offer the person looking for frugal retirement living at it's best.

Living well and cheaply is easy at this prime Arizona retirement community.

How about the activities available?

Arizona park model community pool

You name it Arizona park model communities have them. You may think it is only would be wrong.

From tennis and pickle ball to lawn bowling and bocce is your choice.

Some Arizona park model retirement communities have over 2000 units. With that number of people it is almost impossible not to offer a venue for your particular interest.

Does living cheaply and well look all that bad?

having fun in Arizona

These people are really suffering...they went shopping this AM, had lunch by the pool...after a little splashing around perhaps a nap or go to the computer lab to email friends still working.

Seems there friends back home had a ice storm last week and they just got power back.

Living cheaply and well...someone has to do this...why not you?

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