Living cheap in retirement... Is not all bad

Living cheap in retirement conjures up many feelings most negative..

People think that you are sacrificing and doing without

People continually tell you can't go on like this

Your financial planner, says it's impossible

One thing sets us apart with most of these people that say living cheap in retirement is no way to retire at all.

They are either unhappy, jealous, or still working.

That is why we are smiling....

We discovered the futility of swapping time for dollars early on.

You also should be aware that every day you spend working means one less day enjoying retirement.

Don't spend too much time trying to put a price tag on what a little more money will benefit you been retired a shorter period of time.

Do not be a victim of scams...this a US government website

Why you should retire as soon as possible


  • There are no guarantees about tomorrow
  • You are convinced that retiring beats working anytime
  • You don't care what others think, you are retiring
  • You are convinced that you can live frugally and still have fun
  • You know that you will spend less in retirement than you did while working
  • You have a bucket list and the longer that you wait to retire you will have less time to complete it
  • You know the sooner you retire the longer you will be retired

We knew the importance of living cheap in retirement.

A big fallacy in today's retirement planning thinking

One of the first things your retirement planner will ask you, is how much you are spending now while you are working?

Why? We knew that we would be spending less when we retired because we were jettisoning... The house and all the expenses that go with home ownership

Two cars, the insurance and the maintenance and the gas to operate them.

The country club lifestyle, the new clothes and suits, and all the money that you spend keeping up appearances with your neighbors and your peer group.

We were positive that we could do without all that "stuff"...and so can you if you give retiring the priority it deserves.

We have heard so many times from non-retired folks..."that we were retire when we have X amount of money, can afford such and such an RV, or such and such a boat, or such and such a condo, etc.". Bad thinking.

Living cheap in retirement is just being smart and not being wasteful.

Living cheap in retirement is not living cheap at all

You don't have to retire to a sailboat to eliminate a house, two cars, the country club lifestyle, or keeping up with the Joneses...we did because we wanted that freedom of lifestyle.

We just knew that being together was the most important thing in the world and that we really disliked are working lifestyle because it kept us from retiring.

Who needs a new suit or new shoes, when a bathing suit is all you need to enjoy fresh air 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Our new retirement lifestyle was not only cheaper, we spent less than 20% a month compared to what we spent when we worked when we lived in the boat... Maybe even was more fun, do you see any need for another car, a lawn to mow, snow to shovel... In this picture? You don't have to look too hard.

 What on earth does this lifestyle have to do with how much money we were spending when we were working... Yet replacing that income  or a very high percentage of it is the basis of most retirement plans.

Give me living cheap in retirement, with the emphasis on the word retirement, than a huge retirement nest egg any day of the week. Cannot enjoy all that money if your new address is the graveyard...

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