Living aboard our CD30K

by Anna
(Mobile, Al)



sunset ARIANNA

Mark and Anna On ARIANNA

Most people ask how do you two live on a small boat? Most people need stuff but on a small boat stuff is not possible. Our boat is a 30 ft cape dory sailboat with a beam of 9 ft. We have had her for 5 years and have been fulltime live aboards 2 years and are in our 2nd cruising season. Our first was not without PROBLEMS.

In the beginning Mark and I met almost 5 years ago and got married 3 years ago. His dream was to go cruising on his sailboat that he just bought. He is retired navy and has owned a few sailboats. this was his dream and he did not think he would find someone to share it with, then he met me.

I have done a lot of camping over the years with my kids from tent to camper ,campgrounds to primitive in the mountains, so i personally thought this was "no problem'
We worked for 2 more years go the boat ready as much as we felt we could.

Provisioning our boat see we are the smallest 30 ft boat around. We had a 2 burner camp stove the first year and we have no refrigeration, we have an ice box.

I made menus for meals by taking favorite recipes and making them into recipes that use dried or canned ingredients "you would be surprised" my husband was.

I also use a pressure cooker. We have no shower but do have a head. We use sun showers and that is ok too. We also like to put our hammock up which makes a nice place to read and just take in the sea breezes.

I agree with others that have written it is a healthy life style and it is cheap unless you make it more we did spend money along the way the first year and we also had a few breakdowns, Our motor blew up in key west and we are from Mobile Al. So we looked and each other and said well we will just sail her home so we could fix her and we did.

She is now out here under the sunny skies of Florida making way to Key West then to the Bahamas This year we have a marine 2 burner gimbled stove and had a friend make us a tank holder because our boat does not have a propane locker. I make coffee in a stove top percalator we watch no tv but do use the grand babies portable dvd player for an occasional movie.

We both read alot and most of the stops along the way has book exchanges you give a book and get a book (no cost there)The best evening fun is watching the most beautiful sunsets and blowing the conch horn,,..The world is our entertainment the birds ,pelicans and dolphins and all the fish you can see in the clear waters. We make a budget and limit luxury spending and we still have a time of our life.

Oh and we keep a journal so our grand babies will be able to read all about it and share with there children we ope that there will be future little sailors in our family

Editors note: Thanks for the great pictures

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