Live the dream... Live on a sailboat in the Caribbean

Living on a sailboat in the Caribbean, is by far the highlight of our now 37 years of marriage.

The sailboat section of this website comprises the lions share of the traffic to the site... In other words more people would rather hear about me tell about our sailing experiences than the rest of the frugal retirement living lifestyles we have enjoyed. 

Many readers have asked for more comprehensive information in one place on exactly how, we went about preparing for this lifestyle change. 

As most of you know, we didn't know bow from stern, four years before we embarked on this lifestyle... We can show you how to go from zero knowledge to becoming a competent sailboat cruiser as well.

Since many of the comments and feedback are questions about the sailing lifestyle... I have developed an e-book entitled, Live the dream... Live on a sailboat in the Caribbean

The reluctant spouse

Live the dream... Live on a sailboat in the Caribbean

If there is one recurring theme in the inquiries about this sailboat lifestyle... It is how to I convince my spouse or partner that this lifestyle is safe and doable. 

I must admit when I am announced that we were going to live on a sailboat, after stepping foot on one for the first time in St. Thomas, the reaction of my spouse... Well let's just say she wasn't near as excited as I was.

This is the reason, for writing the book... The step-by-step processes we took to safely enjoy this lifestyle. 

You already know that it's a cheap lifestyle so that is not rehashed in the book.

How you can get a copy

Thanks to all who have purchased the book it has been very well received and I hope it gives you the push you need to try something different.