Live Out Your Dreams In South Carolina

by David R
(Charleston, SC)

SC State Flag

SC State Flag

As a person who grew up in South Carolina, I am certainly partial to the state, but with good reason. If you’re looking for a beautiful place to retire, look no further than the sunny state of South Carolina.

With its charming old towns such as Charleston and the spectacular beaches along the coast, South Carolina is enough to win anyone over.

If golfing is your thing, Myrtle Beach, SC should place you in a paradise with some of the best renowned courses in the country.

The town of Charleston is a classy southern beach town, known nationwide to be a haven for delicious seafood. While Charleston is without a doubt a popular tourist destination, it has enough holding power to be a great place to live out your years. There is nothing like eating an authentic meal of shrimp and grits before heading to the dunes to spend a relaxing day on the beach.

In South Carolina, the weather is warm throughout the year, with temperatures in the winter remaining mild, and snow being a rarity.

South Carolina is a state rich in history, holding historic landmarks dating before the civil war, and is the home of many beautiful plantations, open to show tourists and residents the way southern life was like over a century ago.

Many retirees wish to take up residence in a hot climate, and this demand has created some top notch retirement communities. Ranging from the luxurious to the affordable, there is a place for everyone.

I recommend you give South Carolina the attention it deserves when considering a location to retire

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