Life on sailboat in Louisiana

by Anthony
(New Orleans, La USA)

At the dock in New Orleans

At the dock in New Orleans

There has always been some adventuring in my heart, so when I met a girl who had so many dreams, and lots of motivation, I figured why not when she asked me to marry her. That was over 50 years ago and the current adventure is living aboard a sailboat.

We have been here for nearly three years. It has taken almost 3 years of planning, learning, and taking lessons about and sitting on a lot of boats, but I'm sure we picked the right one.

I love it here. Who can boast having a loving family in a outdoors area just above them, and a adventurous family who teaches their young to hunt and live high while you watch in awe?

How about the Blue Herons? Also mention the snakes, ducks, turtles, and geese, what we first thought was the oceanic monster, though after checking more closely, we found it was just plain old nature, at dusk bringing huge branches home each night for his family, silently dragging them behind him in the water.

Often fish jump high early in the morning & at dusk. The sunsets are outstanding! In August we have front row seats to the best fireworks show in the south part of Louisiana.

We are living aboard a sailboat and loving it.

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