Less is More

by Earl
(Coleman, Texas , United States)

Less is More...After 37 years of pursuing what we thought was the American dream in the oilfields of Texas.I realized it was not for me .

After two open heart surgeries and numerous financial set backs, we finally said enough ! We were not getting any younger and the nest was empty ; my wife and I went to the concept of " Less is More " .

We found it in the small town of Coleman, Texas. It is near a big city that offered us excitement , a challenge and a more realistic future .

For $8,000.00 we bought a 1/4 acre with a 28'x28' house built in the late 1800 to early 1900s; metal hobby shop 30'x30'. The property has pecan trees , water well , with city water backup. Our land is quiet with few neighbors.

We are remodeling the house: the attic will become a loft; the original living space will become one large room with a in floor planter (large) for a coffee , lime , lemon or avocado trees .

Our power design is for all electric with wind turbine generators , excess power being sold back to the utility company. We hope to be a net seller of power in 2 years.

We will have green houses and chickens for income and food for ourselves. We already sell our excess organically grown vegetables to a local store.

Our property tax is under $100.00 and we will make money living here . After years of chasing the wrong dream , we have finally found ours here on our land!

We will generate our own income versus hoping someone else and the economy does it for us. We are relaxed and every day we give thanks !

The self reliant example we hope to set for our children is more in tune than is the philosophy we have from the world today .

We hope our self sufficiency will inspire others. We have already traveled and explored to our hearts content . Now we want to develop our own little island and watch the sunset and the stars at night !

We are experiencing less stress, worry, doubt and now have real security...not relying on anyone else.

Best Texas wishes from,
Earl and Maria

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Jan 24, 2010
by: Shari Hogan

I just last night offered our experience off-the grid, yet yours is SO much better! Will add comments to mine (in No. AZ) to try and keep up. It really is the good life, isn't it?

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