Jobs for baby boomers, working after retirement

Jobs for baby boomers, sounds like an oxymoron... Baby boomers are not supposed to be working after retirement... That was pre-2008 and before the current recession(s)... The sooner baby boomers come to the realization that they may very well have to earn after they retire the better off they are going to be.

According to various news sources including the evening news... Baby boomers are delaying retirement because they don't think they have enough money to retire.

So what are they to do? , After all the goal of retirement is to relax and enjoy yourself what's this "I have to go back to work to be able to afford to retire?".

It's just not fair... Okay now the pity party is over...

Take the time that you are moaning and groaning about how the fact that this just isn't fair...and take action.

No one else,including the government, is going to do it for you, despite what you might think or hear.

Jobs for baby boomers? How are baby boomers going to be able to enjoy their retirement they thought that they were going to experience while they were working in the 70s up to today?

Here is the silver lining in working after retirement

happy retired couple

There should be a big difference in the motivation when choosing the best jobs for baby boomers.

The motivation for this "second career", should not be based solely on dollars and cents.

If it is there no sense retiring... Just keep doing what you're doing.

You know your current avocation well and you should be able to continue to earn a wage that you are accustomed to.

It is worth repeating, whatever you do to supplement your income after you have retired... Make sure that it does not seem like work.

If you don't wake up and feel like you want to do it ...something is wrong.

Make sure working after retirement is fun. 

Working after retirement should be related to a hobby or an interest or something that you're good at...not related to your first career. 

Some examples of jobs for baby boomers that would not seem like real work...

  • Like to fish... Fishing guide
  • Like to play golf... Work part time at a golf course
  • Have a college degree... Sign up to be a part-time teacher
  • Enjoy part-time at a national or state park
  • Enjoy RV a campground host

Get the picture... There are many ways to earn on a part-time basis that don't involve commuting, stress,etc.

My story

I had been retired for 14 years when the 2008 stock market crash turned my retirement plans upside down... Folks if you're like me, call me stubborn, I really enjoyed being retired and was looking for ways to earn money but still appear fully retired.

By that I mean working when and where I want to, for as long as I want to, and not have this work interfere with the things that have become important to me... Golf, flyfishing, travel and spending every other hour with my wife of now 37 years... There is no way either of us will go back to real work.

Here was the great solution for me that will work for you too.


Finding jobs for baby boomers is going to be the rule rather than the exception due to the current lousy economy... But the right side is that you would be much better off finding something to do that you truly enjoy... Rather than just looking at it as a source of income. 

Welcome to retirement baby boomers... You have earned it and now you should enjoy it. 

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