How to complain effectively

A vital part of being frugal is not wasting money on a bad product or accepting a bad product or service... the art of complaining is vital but many are afraid of offending the vendor of a substandard product.

You should not be bashful about complaining, many people are... but there is a right way and a wrong way and I will show you both.

How to complain... tip number one

Document your position, have receipts, and have as much written backup information that you need to get the attention of the vendor.

For instance, it won't do you much good to complain about a product you bought a month ago and not be able to produce the receipt for such purchase.

Remember, you are doing the company a favor by pointing out a situation or a product that probably has cost them business from people that did not complain... by pointing out that there is a problem you are helping that company maintain its good name.

How to complain... tip number two

Make sure you're talking to a person with the authority to issue a refund or otherwise solve your problem... it does nothing but add to your frustration if you are complaining to someone without the authority to make it right.

Whether in person or over the phone simply ask to speak to a supervisor...they are in a position to help you, an entry-level employee is almost never given the authority to issue refunds or product replacements. 

How to complain... tip number three

This step may not be obvious... but it's being sure a service or a product is not right or not worth the money that you paid for the product or service.

The first step to solving the problem is always identifying the problem... sounds simple, but there it is.

But there is a right way and a wrong way to going about getting your problem resolved to your satisfaction... in to give the vendor of the product or service a chance to rectify the problem before it affects other customers.

How to complain...tip number four

Be polite and do not allow yourself to get angry, it will only strengthen the resolve of the vendor not to help you.

Instead, try phrases such as, " I am sure that your company wants to be aware of this problem or situation"... only a scam artist would not give you his or her undivided attention.

Or something like this, " I have been a customer of yours for many months or years, I am sure that you would want this brought to your attention"... most companies are very aware of how a single complaint can snowball... most professional companies are interested in handling a small problem before it becomes a big problem.

How to complain...tip number five

Be patient, if you know you're right, stand your ground, keep asking to be shoved up the chain of command...your perseverance will often pay off.

I know this works, because I have spent over an hour on the phone, explaining my complaint over and over... it was finally resolved to my satisfaction when I finally reached the right supervisor.

How to complain conclusion

Only complain when you are sure you are right, no one wants the reputation of being a constant complainer...

If however, you are sure that a product or a service is substandard or worthy of a refund or replacement... follow the steps above and you'll be surprised at how often you will walk out of the store, or put down the phone, with a smile on your face and money back in your pocket.

Thanks for reading how to complain.

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