How to "Bucket-and-Chuck-it" when anchored close to land

by Seasick Steve
(At Large)

Flushing your marine toilet overboard is not something you can always do. If your're living off the grid and are anchored close to shore or in a pristine bay, God forbid you should even think of doing so!

I jettisonned the marine head on my sailboat years ago in favour of a "thunder bucket", a simple wooden bucket with a wooden toilet seat placed on top. When at sea you can chuck it over the side to mix with the fish poo. In port or when anchoring close to shore I line the bucket with a (biodegradeable) plastic kitchen bag and shovel in a bit of kitty litter or saw dust to clot and deodorize the waste. When I go ashore in my dingy, I just seal the bag up, place it in another bag (for safety!), haul it ashore and deposit it dockside in a regular garbage can.

If you empty your bucket regularly this system is virtually odorless and there's no plumbing to clog-up and fix. Puurrfect!

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