How not to retire early, Ask yourself a few questions

How not to retire early is unfortunately very simple .

This is not meant to criticize your way of life or to tell you how to spend your money.

You earn it and it is none of my business how you spend it.

Our goal is to get you to think of certain things you may be doing that are keeping you from your dream of retiring.

We have made most every thing I am calling a mistake ourselves...We know what we are talking about from personal experience

The point is to learn from our mistakes.

We are not saying that these items are all bad, If you never treat yourself occasionally, or splurge a bit you are probably not a lot of fun to be around.

This is unfortunately how most people live to an extreme and consequently what makes them poor candidates to retire early.

Keeping up with the neighbors and co workers

Stop and think about what you buy just to stay up with the people you consider peers, neighbors, and co workers.

This is a great way of how not to retire early.

New and multiple cars..if you trade in every 4 years like most folks you are losing about $2,000 to $3,000 per year.

Instead of keeping a car 8 years or more, as for 2 and more cars how many can you drive at once?

Bigger house than you need... when you live on a boat, then an RV you quickly realize how little space you need.

Costs associated with lifestyle...when you join a country club, service clubs, etc because this is what is expected of you because of work , the expenses really start to add up, you find yourself buying new suits and outfits.

for work just to look like everyone else, new cars, new golf clubs,

Entertainment and Eating out...We enjoy this just like the next person, but it really adds up, and has no place in the budget of someone who wants to retire early

Peer pressure from friends

If you start cutting back in order to retire early, you will hear this from your "friends"..."you are depriving yourselves".

They are right, we are depriving ourselves of commuting , etc.

I will guarantee you will hear the above from your "friends" if you start planning for early retirement.

We retired in 1994, many of my friends are still working.They are caught up in consumption and they will never get free from this lifestyle.

This does not have to be you.Persevere, you can do this!

More great examples of how not to retire early

Never use coupons, buy in bulk, or plan your shopping.

Who has the time or the bother to carry around a bunch of coupons?

If you don't use coupons, frequent shopper cards, buy in bulk when things are on sale, you will be well on your way to not being able to retire early...or maybe ever be able to retire.

When you need something, jump in your car and go get it without comparison shopping.

It will cost you more every time.

Always buy on impulse

If you don't plan on buying something you want going to Ebay is our first stop to get a non-store price), and buy it the first time you see it, chances are almost 100% you will pay too much. 

This is how we save money...

Credit Cards

They say the average American household credit card debt is over $16,000.

If this figure is way off by it doesn't matter if you want to retire.

Having any credit card debt is the number one way of how not to retire early. No use spending a lot of time on this one.

With the rare exception for emergencies, never charge anything you can't cover with a check.

The very fact you have credit card debt means you have spent money you don't have...only Washington can get away with this, not someone who wants to retire early.


If all this seems too much it isn't. How not to retire early is easy.

If the above is you I suggest you change your ways very soon.

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