Hospital Expenses ... Medicare Billing Issue

by Roger Anderson
(Rockport, Texas)

Shortly after I retired, I had to have a triple by-pass operation. That certainly put a temporary hold on our plans to RV around the U.S.A. in our new motor home. One requirement was to have about 12 weeks of "Cardio-Rehab". Medicare allows 36 sessions and the hospital provided three sessions per week. No complaints at all with the rehab or the hospital staff.

Now the rub ... I had to pay my $29.31 copay three times (one per each month I was in the program.) My mailbox is filling up with MULTIPLE bills per month for EACH month of service. Mind you that there was no break in service ... 12 weeks of contiguous treatment. Now with all these medical situations to handle it is not in my budget to pay THREE different bills with THREE different account numbers. (I have to ask a great big WHY?) For example: Say I only have $10 per month to apply to my rehab bill. Eventually, of course it would be paid in full. After MANY telephone calls trying to get the provider to combine all of this into ONE bill to make it much more manageable for me to pay ... to no avail, I give up. The hospital tells me there is just no way to combine the three bills. My problem may not be too obvious so I will spell it out. Because of the way they are billing me I am required to pay EACH bill every month. Instead of paying a more comfortable $10 to $15 per month, I am being required to spend $30. To add insult to injury they bill me at least two times per month. Additionally, I have never seen a statement which shows any record of the payments I have been making.

Is this NORMAL for Medicare? Something makes me think that this is some kind of scam to defraud the Medicare system. Do you or any of your subscribers have any experience like this with Medicare? Your comments will be appreciated.

I LOVE this newsletter. Good job Gary. I sure get a kick out of your wife's daily happenings. I finally got smart ... I have found your archival site and have completed my set of all your emails and combined them into ONE word document which I update each month. Too much good information to risk loosing my emails AGAIN. Also, please feel free to use or publish (or not) this letter in any other media.

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