Home refinance tips... Get lenders to compete for your business

For most folks the largest check they write every month is for their home mortgage... It is also the greatest opportunity for you to reduce your monthly spending.

Remember, frugal retirement living is about saving and conserving money and refinancing your homr is the very best way to do that right now.

Do what we've done, we have refinance four times in the last three years, and have more money to spend each month on what you like to do.

Home refinance tips?   We have enjoyed the money that we saved by refinancing to do what we enjoy

When you do refinance I would caution you to make sure that you're getting an apples to apples comparison, between competing companies offers.

You can save a tremendous amount of money by refinancing, but you have to be very careful in comparing each companies offer.

Loan officers are much more professional than your average used car sales but you can get yourself in trouble if you are not consistent in dealing with them.

Lenders can make your head spin with a computer...if you want a low monthly payment you can get one, if you want no money at closing you can get that too, if you want to skip a few payments that can also be accomplished, ditto for lowest interest rate...

The problem arrives if you tell each company that you have different objectives... You can easily get confused.

My advice, keep it simple, ask for a no closing cost loan...and then you will be able to compare which offer is best for you.

Home refinance tips...Make sure that each loan contains the same amount of payments, know what it does cover and does not cover,only when you can assure yourself that there are no hidden costs can you determine which loan is best for you.

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