Guide to living cheap...the path to early retirement

By following our guide to living cheap, we have stayed retired since 1994... if we can do it we are sure you can too.

We have given you four specific lifestyles, and ou can glean enough information from them to fit your personal situation.

Each lifestyle allows you to live cheaply, safely all while having fun.

On site you will find the information you need to become your own best retirement planner.

We practice what we preach...we personally employ all the tips that we are going to give you.

Now I admit that a lot of the credit  for this guide to living cheap is my frugal wife...OK, make that most, if not all of the credit. Who am I trying to kid?

If you need more motivation to start living cheap... read this this will get your attention.

What would you rather do?

 Would you rather wake up at your leisure, have a cup of coffee, read the paper or grab a good book?

Or wake up to the alarm 50 weeks a year to look forward to spending hours commuting to your job... only doing what you want to do two weeks a year?

I have stopped being offended at being called cheap. There is very little difference in my opinion between frugal and cheap, mostly semantics... frugal sounds better... but I have the mindset of preferring to retire versus working.

I cannot begin to express how much I enjoy being retired, I will live longer, I am less stressed and could care less what people think about me retiring when I was 49.

Instead of chasing the almighty dollar we now do volunteer work, are active in our church, and helping others because we have the time to do so...when we were working it was like the hamster on the wheel...we did not have the time. to give back.

That is much more gratifying than making money, and I still golf and fish wherever I want.

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What are the best tips on-site?

There you have it our best ideas for saving money. It worked in 1994, it works now, it will work in the future...

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