Guide to Living cheap Research before you buy

In any guide to living cheap research should be stressed before you buy or make a move of any kind.

This is the very opposite of impulse shopping.

Most people go shopping for the sake of shopping...foolish, expensive and wasteful.

Every purchase deserves research. Here's how...

The guide to Living Cheap research before buying a computer

Let's pick an item that we decided we needed about a month ago.

to buy a new laptop computer for my wife.

Her current laptop is a 4 years old Dell.

She uses it for internet surfing, Bible study, emailing...pretty basic stuff.

It has been reminding her she will need a new battery soon.

Our thought process goes like so.

  1. A new battery would cost $50
  2. Technology has greatly improved in the last 4 years...duh
  3. A larger screen would be nice, her current screen is 14 inches
  4. We window shop at Best Buy and Costco
  5. We go back get online and look at reviews and prices for models we like
  6. We zero in on a HP with a 17 inch screen
  7. We decide on purchasing at Costco, due to better return policy and double warranty ( Costco Concierge service)
  8. The new computer will cost $650 using a Costco $70 off coupon
  9. We will buy the computer in Oregon, no sales tax,saving about $50, we will be there on vacation in about 3 weeks

The guide to living cheap research and then be patient

Note that we decided on a new laptop a month ago and won't actually purchase a new computer for another 3 weeks or so. Why?

  1. I doubt the price will go up in three weeks
  2. I know we will save $50 by purchasing the computer in Oregon where we are going on vacation in August
  3. We will continue to do our homework and see if there is a better price or model available
  4. Haste makes waste everytime

Now folks we are not saints. I have the same urge to get something right now as the next person.

I know I will use the laptop as well for work on this site as we travel. I also know that by being patient we will save money.

I am reminded of the stainless steel grill that has sat on our patio for 5 years...and used alot. That also was purchased in Oregon, saving $43 in sales tax. We could have bought the same item in Arizona. I was not wild about transporting such a monster. It required taking the grill out of the box to make it fit in the RV's Joey Bed. 

Guess who won the argument??? Guess who saved $43???

The guide to living cheap research on the necessary evils

You should apply the same research and patience on all your purchases especially the big ones.

Which brings me to the following letter I recieved from the contact us page.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed studying this site. GREAT ADVICE. You have certainly helped us decide to retire sooner than later. My biggest concern is health care costs. Any advice there? I qualify for Medicare, my wife will in about 5 years."

I have just put up a page on what my wife and I do for health insurance, which I hate to pay for...but it is necessary. What is not necessary is paying too much. By reapplying ourselves we will save almost $700 a year. So can you...takes about a minute to find out.

If you employ research combined with patience you too can save on the necessary evils.

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