by Artie
(Caracas Venezuela)

Loved your story. AT 49 I found myself divorced, broke and lost for a means to put my life back together. Sounds sad, but it is gets much better. After chasing money every where from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, I decided the cheapest way to work myself back any where near retirement was to look into buying a sailboat, live on it and put my concerns to the wind.

I am hoping to close on a 30' sloop rig next month. She is not a luxury yacht, but a boat for me, myself and I. I am getting her pretty cheap, needs electronics and perhaps a little work, but can be ready in short order. I have been told everything from I am crazy to "you dont fall in love with a boat, only with the idea of a boat".

I have spent most of my life working on the sea, in third world countries and nearly killing myself to maintain a lifestyle that never was my cup of tea. Now I have the chance to live the life I have dreamed of, envied and desired since childhood. I will try to keep you posted with the progress.

Thanks for the article,

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