Golf retirement communities

For many retiring to a golf retirement community is what retirement is all about. Be careful, shop around and ask questions before signing anything.

However due to the economy him some of these idyllic communities have run into financial difficulties that present problems the residents did not anticipate when they first moved in.

Do your homework... If golf is important to you... Before you sign the papers.

Try before you buy

If at all possible look at renting before you buy into a retirement community.

The ideal situation is a community that has vacation villas for their sales prospects.

You may be subjected to some sales pressure from sales ready and be firm.

At the very least negotiate a complimentary round of golf.

Keep your eyes and ears open, ask questions of the current they think the course(s) are well maintained? Is the pro shop well stocked? Is the staff helpful and friendly?

Course conditions and accommodations

golf retirement communities

You can tell very quickly, if you get a trial round, what kind of shape the course is in.

Do they have senior tees?

Do they have a locker room... Locker room attendants expect tips, you know.

Take a look at the number of sand traps on the course... They make the game more challenging but they're also harder to maintain requiring a larger golf course maintenance force.

This particular course is Branson Creek, a golf retirement communities, located near the country music entertainment capital of Branson Missouri.

Type of membership

Make sure you know who owns the course, who is responsible for the maintenance, are there assessments, food minimums, etc. If you pay an upfront fee make sure you understand how you can get it back and what resposibilties you have just do you say assessmnents?

Enough...forewarned is forearmed.

Golf carts,pull carts and walking

Different strokes for different folks. If you can own a golf cart is there annual trail fee? Are both gas and electric carts allowed? Can you walk? Must you walk...Bandon Dunes, not exactly a golf retirement communities is a bear, but fun to play. Pull carts allowed motorized or not?

Dress codes

If you are a casual type check the dress code carefully. These codes are meant to keep everyone looking sharp but may not be for everyone.

Golf retirement communities info

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