Golf exercises for seniors

Golf exercises for boomers retiring, should leave a lot of time for golf right? The problem is that as we get older aches and pains keep us off the golf course.

Most of these problems are lower back issues... At least it is for me... And with the number of golfers that I know personally that have lower back problems it's probably a problem for you as well.

Lower back exercises for golf

The problem with researching for exercises online is that you see the proper exercises okay... But usually performed by super limber twenty-year old...looks easy for them.

best him him himexercise for lower back pain

This is yours truly, 66 years old, performing the one exercise that has kept him on the golf course pain free for several years will work for you too.

It is a simple torso twist... Here is how to do it.

Sit on the floor with your feet out, take your left leg and while keeping your right leg pointed out, turn your torso, place your right hand on the ground behind you as much as you can... And put your left elbow against your left knee.

Look as far behind you as you can... You will feel a pull on your lower back.

Repeat, holding your left leg out put your right foot over the left leg, put your left hand behind you and twist your torso placing your right elbow against your right knee.

You should be able to hold this position for 15 to 30 seconds...

WARNING... Stretch very smoothly with no fast movements... You did not want to make matters worse by hurting your back even further... Go slow I almost always feel a vertebrae pop when I do this exercises for seniors may cut down on your chiropratic bills!!

Other exercises to keep your lower back healthy

 I must admit that I am very fortunate to have an outstanding fitness facility at the community in which I live, Sun City Grand in Surprise, Arizona.

elliptical machine for golf

Before I start my stretching routine, the above stretch by far and away my favorite and most effective, I work up a good sweat by using the elliptical machine for 30 min.

This is not only good for your lower back it is also good for your overall cardiovascular fitness level.

You certainly do not need a machine and sophisticated... Or bill for commercial use... Like the machine pictured... Any machine that allows you to exercise your arms while on the machine will certainly do nicely.

This motion gives you a very gentle torso twisting exercise to warm up with.

If you do not have access to such equipment a vigorous walk is certainly better than nothing.

Remember, the key in starting any new exercise regimen is to start slowly and gradually work up to doing the exercises in the manner with which you want to do them.

A few more golf exercises for seniors tips

The worst thing you can do is go to the first tee without hitting any balls or stretching of any are just asking for lower back issues.

Try the following...

  • Hitting some practice balls first...driver last
  • Swinging 2 or 3 clubs together
  • Use a weighted ring... as shown below
great warmup device for senior golfers

Golf exercises for seniors

The back is placed under a lot of stress when we play golf... As we get older we are reminded of this more and more.

Fortunately, there are exercises... Primarily stretching that we can use to keep us playing.

Golf is important for a lot of us that are planning retirement... Here's how to stay on the course with golf exercises for seniors.

Glof exercises for seniors...conclusion

A little commomn sense goes a long way...remember the lower back is not meant for golf...take care of it with th esuggestions above and enjoy your time on the course.

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