Gated retirement communities

When some people think of a gated retirement community they think of and exclusive community of multimillion dollar homes, perhaps in Palm Springs.

These communities are certainly available, but what most people do not realize is that even park model communities... With homes costing $10-$20,000, and monthly fees of $350 to $600...can very well have a guard at the gate.

I know from personal experience that they just will not wave you through without first calling the resident that you are visiting.

So if you're apprehensive about your security, perhaps a lady living alone, do not let that deter you from retiring to a desirable place such as Arizona or Florida.

How are the guards paid?

From the homeowners Association assessments, or the monthly fees that are paid by Park model community residents

When you are looking at various communities, that have such security, make sure that you are aware of the hours that they work... The responsibilities that they have... And the costs associated with such security.

For instance, will they accept a FedEx or UPS package for you if you are not there.

Sometimes when I visit friends I feel like I'm entering the Pentagon... They record your license Lake number... Give you a pass, ask you to return the past when you leave and so forth.

But if it makes a single lady feel secure in her own home... Then it's all worth it.

What other amenities do gated retirement communities offer?

The amenities offered run the gamut from just the security itself... Two compounds that have every activity known to man... A lot of them are in Arizona where we live now, and we often likened the lifestyle of some these communities as stationary cruise ships.


If security concerns are holding you back from relocating to a place that you might enjoy retirement... Think again you can find just about everything that you're looking for, including good security, in these walled communities

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