Garage Sale City

by Pepper Morton
(Fort Worth, Texas, US)

My wife an I paid off our home in the 80's knowing that the interest, cost to maintain, the taxes, etc., were only going to go up. We are so glad that we did, that has helped us to pay off everything else we owed a debt on. Thus, we have lived as frugally as you can in the past 30 years. I am 61 and my wife is 59.

But, the really great thing we discovered a few years ago, was the garage and estate sale circuit. We have continously found great values at garage and estate sales that we never thought could be had.

The biggest personal obsticle to joining this obscure market was over coming our ego trip. That is right, our ego. You see, you have to get rid of the all American idea that you have to buy retail and you have to have the name brand right off the shelf.

Once you get rid of that ego, you can live so "free". Some people refer to ego as "edging God out". And that is probably true if you reflect on it a while. The key is to understand the ego shedding process, so that you can become free. Free to live without self considerations.

This garage-estate sale market world is almost a sub culture and defintely not acceptible to the main stream American, which is really ok because it means a lot more opportunity for those of us enjoying the "free" life sytle.

Every Saturday morning my wife and I make some coffee and grab the newspaper and head out to our local neighborhood garage-estate sales. If you plant a mental seed of what you are looking for before you head out, you will be amazed at how often you find exactly what you need.

But, even if you don't have a need, it is fun just bargaining for something that you know is a future need item. Plus, my wife and I together enjoying life together. We meet people and hopefully find something we can use for next-to-nothing. One time I found a brand new pair of rock-port shoes ($65 value) for $5.00. You who have rock-ports know that they can last a life time. I also found a brand new pair of sketchers($55) for $10.00. The teenagers love these things.

We also look for consumables like light bulbs, auto-oil products, household cleaners, and other basic items that you have to replace periodically. I bought two flood lights yesterday for .50. These retail for 4 to 7 bucks.

You get the idea...but in order to enjoy this market you have to change your thinking. Because like I said, to be "free" you have to shed the ego.

Pepper Morton, Fort Worth, Texas

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