Fun (cheap) hobby & seeing the sights at the same time

by Raatira
(Vancouver, BC, Canada)

I get bored walking for the sake of walking - but give me a challenge and I'll go at it for hours. That is why Geocaching is the hobby for me! I'm a totally reformed couch potato!

This is like treasure hunting, although admittedly the treasures won't make you rich. But the caches range from those easy to find on flat terrain in urban areas to very difficult hides that require lots of hiking and some deductive reasoning.

There are 1.2 million geocaches hidden around the world. Many (most) are located in areas of interest - either gorgeous parks and hiking trails, or areas off the beaten track, and some highlight weird sights and wonders that you would probably never see if you were doing the usual "touristy" stuff. There are even 35 caches in the Antarctic!

Your sole expense is the cost of a hand-held GPS (or download the GPS app to your iPhone). Then go online to, download the coordinates and read the clues (it's free). I guarantee there will be some close to where you are.

I suppose the only other cost would be the cost of travel if you do decide to hunt for the Antarctic ones. I think I'll be skipping those :-)

There are lots of geocaching clubs (usually free membership) and even RV groups that do it. Some travel agencies are jumping on the bandwagon and offering geocaching journeys as well, to places like Alaska and Hawaii.

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