Full Time RVing in a Fifth Wheel

by Sharon

Our Home on Wheels

Our Home on Wheels

We were working for a transportation company that was requiring us to move us every eight to twelve months but not paying for our moves!

Buying and selling houses got to be a real nightmare. Most times we didn't unpack because we didn't know how long the job would last before they wanted us to relocate again.

In a slow job market and over the age of 60 with 35+ years invested in a company it was hard to just walk away from the job even though they were taking advantage of us BIG TIME!

When we knew we were going to be transferred from California to Oregon we luckily sold our house as the market was falling. We lost over $50,000 in equity in a month! We decided enough was enough and bought us a fifth-wheel for cash.

What a great feeling. We owned it and next time they transferred us we could hook-up and take off. Life was suddenly simple...and really great.

We discovered how economical full time RVing really was. Our monthly rent was a little over $300 when we were used to paying $1700 a month for a mortgage. We were sold on this new lifestyle!

Now we can't imagine going back to a traditional house again. Don was laid off from the transportation company in Oct 09. After all those years...they just use ya and lose ya. What a world!

We are thankful we didn't have huge debt or house payments to worry about!

We found work in construction in Arizona where some of our family lives and the move was enjoyable and fun. We can't imagine how stressed we would have been if we had bills, a mortgage, or other payments to worry about.

Hooray for the full time RV lifestyle!

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Feb 12, 2013
just starting out
by: john&joyce

husband will retire in about 2 years so we are going on the road and living in an rv. we have done this before so we do know a little but we would like your input about cost and other things that we need to know. like alarm systems,some good parks,expenses that will happen as we all know. tires, etc. thank you all so much.......john& joyce

Jun 25, 2011
The Saga Continues
by: Sharon

Sold the Beaver and live and work in our Semi Tractor these days. While our living space just keeps shrinking at least we are able to maintain our health and happiness.

Life's tough on us old birds these days. We want to work another 5 years and retire, but have expensive perscriptions for a pre-existing condition.

Does anyone know of any programs for reasonable health care and perscriptions besides Medicare?

Medicare will not cover perscriptions for my pre-existing condition which means I'll have to work till I die just to get group insurance.

Kaiser may be an option, but the only state with affordable rates is Ohio. I can barely bring myself to think of living in that cold weather.

I appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

Dec 30, 2010
by: sharon

Yes it was.

Dec 30, 2010
by: Anonymous

The transportation company your husband worked for didn't happen to be YRC by any chance? Just sounded a lot like our story.

Sep 25, 2010
Sold Fiver for Old Motorhome
by: Sharon

Yes we sold our fifth-wheel and bought an old (really old) motor-home.

The construction work in Arizona dried up and we moved on to California.

We're very lucky to be so mobile living in our RV. Other than some fuel we just hook-up and take off.

We wanted to sell the fifth-wheel for a diesel motor-home, but boy are they expensive.

Instead we opted for the more frugal "sweat equity" method with a 1988 Beaver Marquis Sapphire Hi-Tech Classic Edition Motor Home. It was cheap, we paid cash, and we got our diesel coach with only 132k miles on it.

We've taken out all the old flooring. The cabinets are absolutely beautiful. We love the roomy floor plan. It's very much like the Grand Villa that you had when you were full-time RVer's.

We love it and continue to love our RV lifestyle.

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