Frugal travel, why we save

Frugal travel, as we get older we reflect on why we save money in the first place... For us it's to see all the beautiful places in the world and reduce our bucket list...therefore we save our money to travel.

Our favorite ways to travel... See the US by car and taking cruises, when the price is right.

Cruising is our favorite way of travel, we now concentrate on the transatlantic cruises from Florida to Europe...we always stay before or after the cruise to enjoy Europe. It is so easy to get around by train, we have never once even thought about renting a car. Try Expedia above, one stop travel shopping...we use it a lot.

Happiness is seeing your best friend, your soulmate, smile when she sees the beauty of Tuscany in Italy for the first time.

You cannot put a price on an experience like this.

We stopped swapping time for dollars in 1994.

Since 1994 the various frugal retirement lifestyles has enabled us to gradually reduce places to see on our bucket list.

By utilizing frugal travel tips, traveling for less money is the lifestyle that we most enjoy currently.

As I write this we have scheduled a cruise to New Zealand...we will rent a car and see the South Island for 8 days South America.

Frugal travel, a frugal retirement living lifestyle

We have shown you how you can save money and retire early with the following lifestyles.

Living aboard a sailboat

RV living

Park model living

Living overseas


All of these lifestyles we have personally experienced and hope that you get some ideas on how to retire frugally... Instead of giving up on retirement.

We are in the process of spending the money that we have saved by living frugally, on our traveling lifestyle.

What we will be discussing

Our favorite way of going places is to get on a cruise ship...As I write this we booked yesterday a 15 day cruise to Hawaii, we will drive to the port from our home in Phoenix (6 hours).

We paid $699 a person for this cruise, we will have $200 apiece to spend on board, dropping our out-of-pocket expenses to $499... Awfully tough to beat when you're spending less than $50 a day per person for your lodging, food, entertainment, etc. 

We will show you how frugal train travel can be in Europe...forget frugal travel by train in the US, it is run by the government...not exactly the most frugal way to do things...think Post Office.

None of our travel advice is theoretical, it is all based on our own personal experiences.

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