Frugal travel tips

Frugal travel tips can be found anywhere... And as we approach the summer vacation season it's always a good idea to review ways that you can save money.

We will give you tips on the ways to save on airfare, most family friendly vacations, and what is the most cost effective way to vacation.

One of our favorite ways to take vacations is by car... The scenery that you cannot enjoy from an airplane, and the ability to pack your own food and drink has always made this a personal favorite.

However with the price of gasoline being close to four dollars a gallon, you may want to examine air travel and taking a cruise as an alternative to staying on the ground.

If you are contemplating a trip by car please review the basic travel tips when traveling by car...mostly common sense, but the tip on packing your own food will not only save you money and time on the road... It is also better for your health.

Credit cards to have

Up until recently we have avoided any credit card that requires an annual fee... Two things have made us reassess our position on credit cards with annual fees.

Better frequent-flier programs for applying for the right card...the Chase Sapphire credit card ... Which gives you 40,000 miles if you spend $3000 in first three months... If you qualify the fee is waived for the first year $95 thereafter.

My next favorite card in my pocket is, The Southwest Airlines Visa card .

Why get a Southwest airlines frequent flyer credit card? For those of us that have elderly relatives and might be face to travel across the country to attend a funeral or illness... Southwest Airlines will let you use your frequent flyer miles if a seat is available... No blackout dates.

Start with these two cards, and you will be ahead of the game.

Take a look at a cruise

For a family I would take a good look at, Disney Cruise lines... Kids or grandkids love it, and so do the parents or grandparents as they can relax knowing that their young ones are taken care of.

Looking for a lot of action on a party ship Carnival Cruise Lines Is the place to go.

Great frugal travel tips resources

Check out these websites for more information, I use them myself:

Frugal travel tips summary

If you use the above resources, I am not affiliated with them but I do use them, you will be on the right track to save money for your summer or any vacation this year.

No one knows when the price of gas is going to come down and that will affect the viability of the family car for vacations...

As a postscript I recently returned from Rome and with gas between $9 and $10 a gallon I never saw so many motor scooters and smart cars in my life...we should count our blessings.

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My best frugal travel tips

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