Frugal living in the UK

The concept of frugal living is not restricted to the United States…

People all over the world can benefit from the tips on how to save money. However there are certain companies that concentrate specifically for residents of the United Kingdom….

Different countries require different strategies

After all the climate in London is much different, than the Phoenix Arizona area where the editor of resides.

As such, this section of frugal living tips is devoted to our good friends that reside in the United Kingdom.

The London 2012 Olympic Games

The beautiful London Olympic Stadium

That beautiful London Olympic Stadium lit up at night... the 2012 Olympic Games went off without a hitch and were enjoyed worldwide.

London is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and one that your editor is looking forward to visiting next spring.

Visiting the Olympic Stadium is on our list of things that we must do while in London.

Resources to save money

Big Been a London landmark since 1858

Big Ben, is the largest clock in all of the UK... it has been up and running since 1858... and survived the bombing that leveled the nearby House of Commons during World War II.

It is known for its accuracy, and is adjusted by the placing of small coins on the pendulum.

For other money-saving around the home ideas, visit this page it has several different options for the UK homeowner to reduce their operating costs.

For potential expats, with pension questions stop here for expat pension advice you can trust .

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