Frugal living aboard.

by Mike




You have some very sound advice here on your website for anyone contemplating retirement afloat.

I can, from my own experience vouch for the fact that living aboard your own boat is a very economical and fulfilling lifestyle.

Several years ago, post divorce, I set off on my previous boat, intending to take some time out.

I had set out with no real plans except to head towards the Mediterranean for perhaps a year.

However, I was having such a wonderful time and the living was so cheap the one year stretched into four.

What was the most wonderful part of those four years?

The people I met!

There is a special camaraderie among the cruising fraternity.

It isn’t unusual to find a singlehander from South Africa willingly climb the mast of the elderly American couple’s boat, while the guy from the big Dutch boat helps to paint the little German one.

So, if I was having such a great time why am I back on shore now?

Because I intend to retire aboard permanently.

Only this time I'm planning to make it a sustainable reality.

To that end I need a source of extra income, which is why I too am building a website with SBI.

I also need a boat with standing headroom, which my previous boat didn’t have, and I wanted a boat which I could maintain myself, which is why I am rebuilding my present wooden boat ‘Mignonne’.

My advice for anyone dreaming of living aboard is,

(a)Try it out and learn to sail before you commit your self.

(b)Then just do it.

PS. I have added a link to your site here on my cruising page.

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