Frugal flyfishing

Frugal and flyfishing would seem to be mutually exclusive terms...but I save money every day to induldge my passions, cruising and flyfishing.

When you learn new skills from a guide that you employed, the price you expend to employ that guide, is easy to justify.

frugal flyfishing

My good flyfishing buddy Jim, and much better fisherman that I am, just returned with our wives from the fabled tail waters of Navajo Dam, the San Juan River.

These legendary fishing grounds, voted the best place to fly fish in 2005, are located a little less than one hour south of Durango Colorado, where we stayed, using Priceline naturally for a good deal... This afforded the fishing widows a chance to see the Durango sites while the guys were playing.

These waters are purported to have some of the highest fish counts per mile... In the 8,000 to 10,000 range.

I can't count once I run out of fingers and toes so I'll take their word for it, besides they are slippery devils and move rapidly, making them hard to count... There are bunches of people catching bunches of fish everyday that's all I know.

Frugal flyfishing... depends on the guide

frugal flyfishing

Meet Ryan McRorie, our guide for the day, he can be reached at Heads Up Flyfishing.

Before I tell you about Ryan the fly fisherman and teacher, I want you to know that Ryan exemplifies the frugal retirement living mantra, of beware of swapping time for dollars.

Ryan, now 40, escaped the clutches of New York City where he was on the fast track in the advertising industry.

As many of the readers of this website know... working longer and amassing a larger investment portfolio does not guarantee happiness when and if you decide to retire... Ryan made the decision to take a major cut in pay to be able to do the things that he enjoys the an age where he is physically able to do so...sound familiar?

Ryan is not retired but his work consists of being a flyfishing guide and building websites... Now that sounds familiar as well doesn't it?

It was obvious, to my buddy and I, that Ryan thoroughly enjoys his work and his enthusiasm and passion for the sport of fly fishing was evident all day.

Work where you want and when you want... You'll enjoy life so much more than a highly stressed executive competing in the daily grind that is New York City.

I first learned about Ryan when I attended the monthly meeting of the Sun City Grand flyfishing interest group

My buddy and I booked a trip at a 20% discount.

Just one more reason to choose an active retirement community, for a multitude of activities that you can choose from.

Frugal flyfishing, why this trip was frugal

frugal flyfishing

Here is 20 inches worth of rainbow caught and released unharmed, by the writer to prove that Ryan knows what he's talking about.

From 8:00 AM until 2 o'clock we floated the San Juan, and had an absolute ball landing and releasing unharmed 27 fish.

That was fun for sure, but the real learning for me occurred after the float trip... When Ryan waded the waters, for two hours, he knew we would be fishing by ourselves the next day.

The techniques that he patiently explained to me paid dividends the next day and will continue for as long as I'm able to fly fish.

He thoroughly explained to me a technique referred to as Czech nymphing...I won't try to explain it here... But will tell you it has nothing to do with Steve Martin or Dan Aykroyd... Those-wild-and-crazy-guys-from-Czechoslovakia.

So for, a frugal wrapup to this story, the knowledge imparted by a good teacher can pay dividends for a lifetime... I had such an experience on this trip.

Thanks for reading about frugal Ryan here.

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