Frugal Florence

Frugal Florence or Firenze, in Italian, is a short trip, an hour and a half from the main train station,in Rome, Roma Termini.

How do you get from the Rome airport (FCO) to Termini?...the Leonardo Express makes 1 stop and the entire trip costs around 15 euro per person...the airport has it's own train station.

Unless you have a death wish and Rent-A-Car… Driving in Italy is a blood sport… I would stick to train travel. You are on vacation to relax right?

Trains are the way to go in Italy

The main train station is right downtown in Rome, Florence, Venice, and Naples... In Florence for instance you see very few cars driving anywhere close to the center of town unless they are taxis, water taxis in Venice... Parking is impossible, hence the great number of motor scooters and smart cars.

Best time of year to visit Florence... And we have been several times... Is late fall or early spring... The summer crowds are really large... The winter is okay if all you plan to do is visit museums.

If you do get a Firenze card, 72 hours for €72 (it was 50euro 2 years ago)will get you in all the museums you need to see a lifetime. If this is your goal I would recommend being well rested because the museums can be overwhelming and crowded... You skip the line with a Firenze card.

Top attractions for a frugal Florence

You should never tire , Julie I sure don't, get tired of visiting Michelangelo's statue of David, prior to his battle with Goliath… That's a sling over his shoulder... He has not picked up the five stones yet and Goliath still has his head attached to his body.

This is rightfully considered one of the greatest sculptures of all time… Imagine starting with a huge block of marble and start chipping away and eventually end up with a 14 foot high image... It staggers my imagination, one wrong move and the sculpture would've been ruined.

It took a 26-year-old Michelangelo, two years to complete this magnificent piece of art.

We spent a good two hours just looking at the statue, and then wandered around the rest of the museum, called the Acedemia, which includes a tribute to the music of the time and other awesome artworks... Judging from the lines outside I would have to say that this is probably the most famous indoor attraction in all of Florence.

On our last visit to Florence Julie and I decided to just see "only" David and the Uffizi Gallery...we did one each day...and did not feel rushed to get the most out of our Firenze card...we did that when we spent a week and did the museum marathon in days 3 thru 5...we ate gelato on 6 and 7.

Frugal Florence? Use the train and plan your day to truly enjoy this magnificent city.