Frugal eating, an easy way to save money

frugal eating

This is our stash of food storage containers... the backbone of our frugal eating routine.

Most of these are brand names, rhymes with supperware, and are mostly picked up at Goodwill or other thrift stores for pennies... buy them for pennies... save dollars.

The use of storage containers can be utilized at home or if you're still working at the office, or at school... the same applies when in the car.

Benjamin Franklin said, or was at least credited with saying, first, " Waste not, want not"...these containers are the backbone of putting that adage to work.

This will improve your health and mean less money spent on health do want to save money on health insurance don't you?

Frugal eating...what we do

My daily food intake during the week is very repetitive, cheap, and healthy.

Breakfast, upon returning from the gym, is oatmeal ( bought in bulk, no sugar), with bananas when available and a scoop of walnuts... boring perhaps, but it is filling and healthy, and it's difficult to put a price on good health.

Lunch, is where these food storage containers come into play... on a daily basis.

My lunch consists of leftovers from the previous evening's meal, if we consume the entire meal, there is always beans ( black-eyed peas are my favorite) or rice (brown bought in bulk) in containers like these in the refrigerator or freezer.

Since tonight is Thursday, I know the evening meal will be Costco chicken, see how we stretch that out into four meals, for less than five dollars.

Frugal eating, what this means to you

No matter what our situation, everyone can utilize storage containers for their lunch.

If you're working, rare is the office that does not have a microwave oven.

If you are traveling or worrying about the leftovers spoiling, a cooler bag is always in our car.

You may need to add a little ice if you live where we do, Phoenix, in the summertime.

Benefits of eating frugally

Let's list a few of the benefits of implementing storage containers for your leftovers...

  • You have no need for fast food
  • You have no need for vending machines
  • Both of the above are disastrous for your health
  • You will know and not guess about what you are eating...i.e. healthy
  • You will save time and be able to do other things on your lunch hour
  • You will save a boatload of money

What is stopping you from implementing these into your daily life now?

Thanks for reading frugal's to health and saving money.

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