Frugal cruising rentalcar tip #1

rugal cruising tips,  how to save on a rental car

This will probably not come as a surprise, but Julie and I like to spend, our savings on cruising... and one of the major ways that we save money when we do take a cruise... is to avoid cruise ship shore excursions and do our own thing.

Here is a picture of the Sapphire Princess, the ship we took recently on a 14 day cruise to Hawaii.

We were one of only 3000 passengers on this floating hotel. 

Frugal cruising rentalcar tip #2

frugal cruising tip,  save on rental cars

The first thing that you need to know is that rental car companies are very aware that many cruise ship passengers, like ourselves, like to do trips on shore without the structure, and expense, of a guided tour.

The first thing you have to decide, is whether or not, you are going to do it as a couple, or try to meet someone on the ship that you can share the car with... this has its pluses and minuses.

Choose these people, if you decide to share a car, very carefully... to make sure that they want to do the things that you want to do... and are physically able to do these things.

Frugal cruising rentalcar tip #3

Do do your homework and try and discover if yours is the only ship in a particular port that you are visiting.

For instance, we knew that we would be the only ship in port when we visited Kauai.

We waited until the morning that we arrived, went online to Priceline... which has a name your own price feature... and offered $12 for a car, we ended up with a full-size car... from a name brand rental car company... for 15 bucks.

It's supply and demand, the rental car companies would rather get something than nothing for a car if they have them available, so we ended up with a very cheap and fun day visiting Kauai...

Here's what we got to see... Arizona does not have a monopoly on Grand Canyon's, there is a very pretty one on Kauai...

frugal cruising rentalcar ,  Save money and see the sights

Thanks for reading frugal cruising rentalcar...try it you like it.

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