Frugal Paris

Frugal Paris does not seem possible, it is a very expensive city to visit but there are ways that we can show you that will enable you to see all the city has to offer cheaply.

We were just there so we know it can be done.

The weather wasn't the best as you can tell from the picture of us at the Eiffel Tower... It's French Open time so notice the tennis ball hanging from the tower.

We saved our money by how we got to Paris... How we got around Paris... And how we did the tourist sites efficiently and cheaply.

We accomplished more in three days than most people can see in two weeks.

Time is money and if you can reduce your stay in a hotel or apartment you will spend less... Will also give you a tip that will enable you to stay longer in the city of light than the three nights we spent.

Either way will show you how to save money.

Frugal Paris how to get there 

We arrived in Paris from London, on the Eurostar train, that takes you from downtown London to downtown Paris underneath the English channel at speeds close to 200 miles an hour.

That two hour journey... You really have no sensation of how fast you are going unless you look outside... Was a tourist attraction in itself.

People are walking around the train doing their thing like the train was standing still... It is very quiet and stable.

Advance tickets, the cheapest price, is a little over $100 a person, if you buy well in advance... Think about what you would spend in getting from hotel to the London airport your flight and getting from the Paris airport to wherever you're staying Paris... This is the way to go folks.

Using the Paris Metro

Now that you've arrived in Paris At Gare Nord, you are also are at the Metro station and do not have to get wet or go outside to get to where ever you are staying in Paris.

If you're staying a short while, buy a package of five Metro tickets, for seven euros, cheaper than buying the tickets one a time...

See below for how to save if you're staying more than two or three days, frugal Paris is still doable..

We have experienced the London tube system, the New York City subway system, and the Metro in Rome... The Paris Metro seems just a cut above.

It is clean, comfortable and as we discovered one night absolutely packed at midnight.

Hey you got a go out at night to see the city of lights right?

Best way to see more of Paris in less time

We have discovered a frugal and fun efficient way to see a new city that has a lot of different tourist destinations... Do it on a guided bike tour.

We did three such tours in two days, a day and a night bike tour including a boat ride on the Seine River...with Paris, and a full day tour at the palace and gardens of Versailles... It was really great fun.

We recommend that you contact fat tire bike tours when visiting Paris and other major European cities.

The 3 guides We had were all very knowledgeable about the city and its history and made the entire experience informative and fun... Highly recommended.

Frugal Paris for longer stays

If you have a week or more to spend in Paris then I would recommend looking into a apartment rental where you can make your own meals... Eating out in Paris may be a lot of fun but it sure is expensive.

Remember all you have to do is be close to the Paris Metro... The further away from downtown the cheaper the apartments will be and you'll have more ready access to supermarkets, local bakeries etc.

If you cannot get by on fresh bread, delicious cheeses, pates, and good cheap French wine for your evening meal... Well I'd say you have wasted money.

You can also look into buying a travel Pass Which will save you money if you have more than a few days to spend in Paris... These passes also eliminate waiting in line to buying tickets at popular attractions.